Terms and Conditions

Description of the Services

Reserve is a platform that is created and operated by Savant Computer Solutions company. Our services are linking the customer to vendors to complete tasks in different occasions or gatherings. We work together into providing a high-quality service. However, we are not responsible of the quality of the services provided by the vendor. It is very important to understand that we will take all steps possible to fix the problem unless it is not under our control. Our main goal is to simplify the user experience when it comes to communicating and following up in hospitality matters.

Order Cancellation

When placing an order, it passes in multiple phases. As we do not provide same day service, to cancel you must contact customer support. A customer has the right to cancel while the order is still in pending status. Once the order is accepted by the vendor it is not possible to cancel anymore without reaching out to customer support. Placing an order means you as a customer have accepted to place the order and you are just waiting for the acceptant from the vendor side.

No Show

When placing an order sometimes you need to provide an address where the service will be delivered. If the customer does not respond at the time of the agreed service time. The vendor will try to contact you and wait for 30 minutes at the mentioned address. Once the 30 minutes pass full payment will be charged and this will be count as a no-show fee as well.

Support Contact and Online Butler

You may contact us anytime during our business hours, we will do our best to ensure service quality from our end. Our team as well might contact you to and assign a butler to you. A butler responsibility is to personalize the customer services experience. If a butler has been assigned to you, they will be available to contact if any issue or concern arise. Please note that a butler service is complimentary with no additional cost yet not all orders will be assigned a butler service. Only the orders that we believe that require a butler will be assigned one. We reserve the right to terminate this service at any point without notice.


Any order that is returnable is subject to the return policy by the vendor. If a product has a sever issue that is affecting health or quality standards then a complain case should be issued by contacting us through the app. We hold no responsibility in the products that are delivered by the vendors.

Payment Methods

We currently offer ApplePay, GooglePay, Credit Card and Local Debit Cards. We have the right to discontinue providing any payment mothed at any time without a prior notice. Customer can pick any payment method to place an order at the time of check out. However, no order shall be placed without having a credit card stored for future due payments. A customer chooses to place an order and a customer chooses to store his card. When placing an order 50% of order total will be charged once the status of the order is accepted. The remaining balance is due and will be charged on the day of delivery. A customer has the right to delete any stored card at any time if there is no order in progress.


A customer is required to accept the delivery on the date and time ordered. All deliveries are made by our partners. If there were any issues regarding a delivery customer must report it within 24 hours of arrival to our customer service. However, you must have supporting documents of any issue you would like us to resolve. We always recommend taking pictures of all items that were delivered.

Refund Policy

Any order that is placed will not be charged until it is accepted by the service provider. If you decided to cancel your order, we might issue a full or partial refund depending on how much work has been done on to complete your order. Refunds that are being credited to your wallet will not have a fee and must be used in 12 months. Refunds to the payment method might take up to 14 business days and might have a service fee depending on how much we are charged by your bank.

Promo codes

Any promo code is one time use. You agree to not abuse the system when using promo codes. We have the right to cancel any promo codes at anytime without a prior notice. If an order is placed using a promo code that abuse the system we have the right to recalculate the total.


All prices that are shown in our platform are controlled by the service providers. If you choose to place an order and pay by card keep in mind that the price might be different than what shown to you if there were any special requests made. Thus, we will contact you in such cases. If you choose to not accept the fare difference then the order will be canceled.

Custom Orders

When placing a custom order, it goes into multiple steps. During those steps the service provided might contact you through the app multiple time and adjusting the order details and pricing. When the service provided is not able to reach you, we will step in and try to contact you. Any custom order must have a respond within 24 hours from the time a service provided sends an offer. It is your responsibility to clarify any misunderstanding that might arise if not clearly mentioned in the order details. Reserve holds no responsibility in any misunderstanding. If a custom order option is not available when looking into the service this means it is not offered.

Quality Control

Reserve is here to save you time and help in smoothing your experience. Thus, we guarantee you that any detail that is mentioned in the order details description will be fulfilled. If you are not satisfied with an order, please contact us immediately and we will make our best to resolve any issues. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we will try to enforce it on our partners.

Authority of Reserve

We have full authority of any interaction through our app or website. We might suspend the service or interrupt it with or without a notice. We hold no responsibility to anyone if such case where to happen. We might delete or block or limit any account with or without a reason. Any issue that arises that can not be solved between the vendor and the user it must be escalated to Reserve Customer support team and an investigation case will be created to resolve the issue.

Prohibited Activities

Using our services is under the control of Qatari and GCC laws. You are not allowed to transfer or allow anyone else rather than you to use your account. No one under the age of 18 years old is allowed to create an account or placing an order.

Reviews Guidelines

A review must be written based on a true order that was placed. Writing fake review will not be tolerated. All reviews that are written on our platform are the property of Savant Company we may reuse or modify any reviews. We may delete any review with or without a reason at any time.

Intellectual Property Rights

Reserve is property of Savant Company. You are not allowed to use or copy any of the logo, content, buttons, icons, and the timeline of the service. You are not allowed to copy or download anything from our website or app without a written approval.

Commercial Use

Everything that is on our app or our website is not allowed to be used for commercial use.